The Comic-Cubist

Der Räuberhauptmann Acrylic on cotton 20x20cm ditArdo 2007

‘ditArdo’ an Avatar?

A pseudonym, an avatar, an artist name, a brand, a label – ‘ditArdo’ consciously chosen and based on my own life story.

Since I work as an artist on very different ‘art projects’, it became clear at some point that it is better for the outside world to name projects that are characterized by different styles individually. So it made sense to assign them a kind of ‘avatar’, an ‘artist person’ – but identical to one and the same person in the end.

Art is free. And in order for it to be free, it is important that artists do not allow themselves to be pigeonholed, which of course also applies in the context of a constantly changing and developing body of work. Neither market mechanisms nor expectations should stand in the way of the artistic process.

Artist names can be helpful to differentiate ‘soft’ or if the pseudonym becomes a phantom, see ‘Banksy’, ‘hard’.

‘ditArdo’ is not a phantom. ditArdo’ consciously and ‘softly’ distinguishes itself, also to create a little more space.

Naturally with its own signature

The name ‘ditArdo’ came about back in the 1980s, when I was painting a central pub in Leonberg together with a fellow student. They often called me ‘der Künschtler’ or ‘Diethardo’, which then became ‘ditArdo’.

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