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Stillleben (Still life in Dalmatia IV) Acrylic on cotton 100 x 100cm ditArdo 2017

Still life in Dalmatia

Acrylic on cotton 100 x 100cm ditArdo 2017

It happened in the mid-nineties. We were sitting on the beach in Podgora near Makaskar, in Croatia. We were eating grilled fish, drinking wine, it was a beautiful summer evening against a dystopian backdrop. Because at the same time, the Theodore Roosevelt was stationed in the Mediterranean. There was a war in Europe, but NATO reacted courageously and enforced a no-fly zone against the aggressor.

I painted the first watercolor sketch for this picture that very evening over fish and wine. Over the years, several versions of the painting were created, one of them in Indonesia. In some places the fish stands for luck.

Pictures of an exhibition

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