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Die Entdecker der New-Economy (The Discoverers of the New Economy) Acrylic on cotton ca. 55 x 100 cm ditArdo 2004

The Discoverers of the New Economy

Acrylic on cotton, approx. 55 x 100 cm, ditArdo 2004

The picture is a summary of the general situation of the so-called “New Economy” at the turn of the millennium, brought down to two people in a small boat. What is one man’s hand held up behind his back is the other man’s tie. Neither of them seems to notice that the boat they are sitting in can no longer reach the shore.

The picture was taken on the terrace of an Indonesian entrepreneur who, at the time, was struggling to free his company from the clutches of these protagonists, which he ultimately succeeded in doing.

Any similarities with people who have already died or are still alive are of course purely coincidental, while the whole story is based on fact.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, this picture made the Indonesian entrepreneur and his company’s employees laugh.

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